Wedding Albums – Still a “Must Have” for couples?

At a professional photography seminar recently a key speaker described this a “The generation of lost images” and this certainly struck a chord with me. The new digital technology is fantastic, no doubt about it, the current pro-spec cameras and many of the prosumer models can far out-perform 35mm film in terms of image sharpness and certainly low-light capabilities. Whether digital is “better” is a matter of opinion depending on how you define “better”. At another seminar we “blind” tested 20″x16″ prints of the same model, taken in the same studio and lighting one using the latest digital wonder, the other with a 30 year old Hasselblad. Everyone preferred the latter but we couldn’t really decide why! Anyway, I digress.

What the afore-mentioned speaker was alluding to is that the vast majority of images (photographs) taken nowadays never see the light of day in the form of a print. At least with a film photography you had to get the film developed and some prints made. Now you don’t have to.

I, and I would hope most serious photographers, have back-up systems in place in case computer drives or storage disks etc become lost or corrupted. But most people don’t, and so it’s quite likely that, in years to come, when technology has moved on, and todays twenty-somethings are parents or grandparents, the images taken on their i-phone 29 (yes we’ll soon be up to that number!) will have long since been lost or deleted. What a shame.

During a recent visit to see my Dad we went through some of the many old photos he has, many of which I’d never seen before. What a thrill to see my late mum, aged 6 or so, on a bicycle, and my Dad, sporting a very Graham Hill looking hairstyle and tasche (!) leaning on our garden wall.

Which is why I think a wedding album is still an essential part of “The Wedding”. More important than all the fancy add-ons we see these days. Owls flying up the aisle etc etc etc! The album will become a family heirloom. Something the children and grandchildren will love to flick through.

Have you had disk only wedding photography? Have you done anything with those images you paid for? Don’t leave it too long, those disks and usb-sticks might not last forever – get them printed, stick them in an album and any old album is 100% better than no album at all. Even a bunch of prints in a shoe box is OK! 

When I originally searched for albums to recommend to my clients, I visited several trade shows and came away realising that with so many different makes and types of wedding album available, I had to narrow my choice using these criteria: 1) Quality and Style 2) Service 3) Range of Products 4) Price. There are some beautifully made albums which are seriously expensive, and some which look good at first but are let down by printing or binding quality and many which look flimsy to say the least. After all you want your album to last for years and it will become a family heirloom. I now only use albums by GraphiStudio of Italy.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the new innovations from Graphi – their new matted albums, introduced in 2016 are just fabulous, combining the traditional look of an album with individual photo matts with their superb digital printing.

There are even albums in the pipeline which have a screen built-in to the cover showing video clips! I’m not quite sure about that but time will tell if brides and grooms like the idea! Guess they need laptop style batteries and what happens when they pack-up? We’re back to good old prints again!

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